Rocker Chic

I think the lack of colour and the kinds of accessories in this outfit channelled "rocker chic" for me today.  The cold weather is zapping all the colour from my wardrobe. That's what I'll blame it on, the cold weather. 

Dynamite jacket; Joe shirt; American Eagle jeans; Walmart boots; F21 socks, necklace, ring

Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes :) They were very much appreciated because I definitely had a stressful and busy birthday. I haven't even been able to sit back and celebrate yet! Yesterday I was at the school for 14 hours, today another 9, and then tomorrow will be another 10.  I'm working on this big final project, which is a business simulation game. There are 35 teams playing different roles in the market of producing/selling two different products. There are 8 decision periods and every single second between decisions there are deals being made, contracts being signed and lots of rushing around.

I don't blame you if none of that makes sense. All you need to know is it's been crazy and I haven't even had the time to read blogs the last two days, nor will I have time tomorrow. I promise that I will catch up Monday! You guys are the best :)


  1. Everytime I see you wearing those boots, I can't believe they're from Wal-Mart!

  2. You're looking like one tough chick ;) Tough enough to kick a** on that final project! All the best!

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