Some Cozy Inspiration

This fall has been like every other fall in Ottawa...  We go from nice weather, to freezing weather. There's very little 'in between' sweater weather. And it's unfortunate. Is it just me that feels this way?

But that means that winter is on the way, which also means bundling up in layers, cozy sweaters and knit scarves. Here are some inspiration pictures that I've pinned on Pinterest over the past few weeks. I only hope that I can look this good (and feel this cozy) over the next few months...

Pinned Image

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So cozy...

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Have a lovely day everyone! :)


  1. I love all of these. Especially those print tights! Those are awesome

  2. I want every single one of these outfits!!

  3. seriously! the weather in toronto is so bipolar. it goes from hot to FREEZING to warm to FREEZING from day to day. it was a great warm day intoronto today! not sure where you are in ontario, but hope you enjoyed that as well. it'll probably be the last nice day before winter rolls in

    the 2nd inspired outfit looks so comfortable and cozy!


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