Poncho Love

I'm not going to lie, I was actually frozen in this outfit. The last little while has been so much colder than expected. Where did fall go? The winter jacket is being taken out of the closet.

But ladies, I must ask the question: what is the difference between a poncho and a cape? 

F21 Poncho, shirt, purse and bracelet; Dynamite pants and cowl; Payless shoes

...Because I don't know. I think this is a poncho? But maybe to you it's a cape! Help!

On another note, if you guys follow me on Twitter or remember previous posts, I was complaining about how I had worn down my leopard print flats.  While I was in Montreal a couple weekends ago, I picked up this pair from Payless.  They had a huge crazy red bows, but they were only stitched on by a few threads. I could cut them off!  And they were only $12!!! I'm so excited to get to wear them next spring, because apparently it's too cold to wear them now...

Other than that, I've got a lovely school-filled day today, including a workshop, group meeting, 6 hours of class and 2 hours of readings. Lucky for me, I just finished my readings and it's only 10:30 am. I have enough time to eat something before heading out! I love when I'm productive in the early mornings :)

Hope you're all having a better day than I will be!


  1. Oh I love those flats!! I need new leapord flats too mine are falling apart. I think a poncho you pull over your head like sweater type and a cape is more of a jacket..? maybe, I can be wrong lol

  2. Pondchos are like a blanket with a hole for your head....capes are jackets that close with buttons and have actual slits or holes for your arms. Yay, confusion solved, I hope! haha

    I myself just bought a cape and love it, makes me feel like I should go out and solve mysteries! Lame? Probably.

  3. I couldn't tell you...I've never been able to pull off either. This poncho-cape-thing-made-out-of-fabric-that-you're-wearing looks really great on you, though!

    And I almost bought those same shoes at Payless when I was in NYC. They didn't fit my feet right, though. Thank goodness for Target :)

  4. OMGosh I have been on a search for a cape (CAPE) forever and everytime I ask about it, I get directed to a poncho. I started to think they are one in the same, but in actuality, a cape goes on like a coat and a poncho goes over your head like a shirt. This poncho is great though! And I am glad you got new leopard flats!

  5. I love this look (especially those flats!) and I would say this is a poncho. I think capes have more of a point at the front and are more baggy- don't take my word on it though! Looking forward to the bloggers clothing swap- I live in Ontario too so mailing will be cheaper :)

  6. I will have to go with poncho on this one ;)

    I am absolutely adoring your new flats, love love love.


  7. ok this is such a fun look! love that you added plaid with cheetah!
    I'm sorry you have so much homework girlfran! I can relate :)



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