My new best friends! lovely new boots. Aren't they pretty?! I wasn't too smart and forgot to take a picture of the sides of them - they zip up and have a great buckle! I swear there's something with me and zippers.... 

Sweater shirt from Zellers; Button-up from Old Navy; jeans from F21; Boots from Payless; Socks from H&M; Purse from ALDO

I got them from Payless. I never shop at Payless (I usually find it's "pay-more") but I bought these and my new leopard print shoes in the same trip. Amazing! And this sweater? So comfortable and cozy for fall. Also, knee high socks?! I'm ready for the cold weather now.

Oh, and I survived my weekend of hell!!! I need to learn how to handle 24hour stress better - I lost four pounds because I didn't eat enough. And I never lose/gain weight so it must have been a shock to my body... Ahh well, grocery shopping this morning should mean gaining those pounds back in no time! But in the simulation I'm pretty sure our team did pretty well. We think we placed about 8th overall (of 33 teams), so hopefully that scores us a pretty good mark?

Happy Monday!!


  1. love those boots, good score-payless, really?! who knew

  2. Payless is totally hit or miss when it comes to a bargain, but these boots are a def win! Love them!

  3. Awesome find on those boots, they look great on you! The whole look is so nice and cozy.

  4. im loving this outfit! the boots are great, and I LOVE how you layered that sweater. I know how you feel about photos, sometimes when your in a hurry to take a picture of your outfit you froget the details. But anything with zippers and buckles captures my heart as well :)
    great post girl!

  5. Ooooh, those boots are gorg! Congrats on a great find :)

  6. must be lying. Those boots are from Payless? They look incredibly luxurious and super expensive. Gorgeous!!!



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