A little out of focus

Guess what everyone? Only one more month of poopy, out of focus pictures... do you know why?

H&M dress & tights; Payless boots; Costa Blanca belt

Because I'm getting a new camera, of course! I'm jumping off the point-and-shoot boat and moving to a DSLR. I'm not going to lie, blogging is a small part of why. You see, these tights actually have a pattern and it was clearly not picked up by the point-and-shoot. But I've always wanted a nice camera. One that I can take on tours to new places. One with so many more features and functions than a point-and-shoot...

I know it'll be a bit of a learning curve, and a few more issues might come about with a DLSR (I won't be able to hide it in my purse and take outfit photos whenever I want AND I will need to actually plan times to go out and take pictures. That reminds me, I'll need a tripod for once and for all...) But I'm still super excited, and with all the changes coming in my life for the new year, it'll be great to document my journey with an awesome camera :) Holy moly I cannot wait!


  1. Cute outfit :) Looking forward to the pictures with the new camera!

  2. a new camera...how exciting!

    if size is an issue, i would recommend looking into some m43/EVIL cameras. they come with the quality of dslrs, but in a smaller package. i find lugging a dslr to be much of a hassle, though i love the quality!

  3. It's funny how a new camera brings joy to a bloggers life, lol. I've included one on my Christmas list and have already told the hubby that that item is not an option, it must be included in my gifts, heheh. Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. I'm sure you'll love the DLSR!

    I've never looked back since getting mine, but because it is a little bulky and I'm super precious about it and I store it separately, I often forget it and just end up snapping on my iPhone. Doh! ;) xxx

  5. Congrats on the DLSR! I desperately want one!

    Also, how do your tie your belt like that?

  6. love these boots! they are so beautiful! <3 :)


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