Today I'm thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving weekend! As always, this holiday means reflecting upon all of the things that I am thankful for at this very moment. Here are a few of 'em that have stood out over the last little while.

I am thankful for:

It was her birthday Saturday :)
And mothers just rock. Dunno what I'd do without her!

Warm cups of coffee (& tea).
Coffee does such a good job of getting the day started when it's too cold to function.
I add maple syrup instead of sugar. So much better.

Warm comfort foods.
Oatmeal is warm, and like coffee, keeps me from freezing as the temps drop. 
I eat it out of a measuring cup. Because I'm lazy.

Country living.
The forest in my backyard. Autumn is my favourite time to pay a visit.
As much as the country is "inconvenient", it's much more beautiful than the city.

Best friends.
Especially ones who have moved 6 hours away who,
when they come back for a weekend, make time to visit you :)

Autumn nature.
The changing colours of the leaves brings a smile to my face. 
Being surrounded by the changing trees, I can't help but appreciate the beauty that is nature. 
I'm thankful that I get to experience the changing seasons.

What are you thankful for?


  1. Kelly I want to come visit!! The forest in your backyard is amazing! I don't really have anything like that around here. And I've never tried syrup instead of sugar but it sounds good! Happy belated birthday to your mom..she is gorgeous!

    1. Come for a visit if you'd like! :P And I'll have to tell her that ;)

  2. Great photos - happy Thanksgiving!

    Kate xo

  3. omgggg your backyard forest is GORGEOUS!!! What a lovely little post my friend! Coffee and oatmeal are awesome, I second your opinon!

    1. Thanks! I know, coffee at oatmeal have been saving me the last few weeks!

  4. OMG you look so pretty in the last picture, what a pretty back yard!


  5. Yay, Autumn! What a fabulous backyard. While I currently live in the city and love it - I do like trips "back home." My backyard has wonderful and colorful trees right now too!


  6. Aww this is so sweet! And your 'backyard' is amazing!! I would definitely go that over city any day. And I'm thankful, happiness and actually being able to concentrate on an assignment haha :)

    Life etc

  7. Aww, love it! Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!


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