Random thoughts.

American Eagle jeans; Chaps top (via Costco); Payless shoes; Fossil watch

Heh, that sign behind me says "No Dumping"... *cue dirty thoughts and giggles*. Okay, enough of that.

'Twas a beautiful day out, thus the dancing. It was just so nice out!

I went to the gym and then came home to eat: pasta, broccoli, cheese and crackers, chocolate, cookies and chips. All within an hour of working out. There is something seriously wrong with that...

I probably should have substituted those chips and cookies with other veggies or fruits of some sort, but honestly we had none. I ate the last of the veggies in the house when I downed that broccoli. Protein would have been a good idea too... I really suck at this apparently.

I rarely wear sunglasses. Because I rarely wear contacts. Because I have an astigmatism in one eye and they dry out my eyes (I know you all care about these small details...). But today I was feeling the aviators. So I sucked it up and put in contacts.

Confession: Sometimes when I'm driving and I have my glasses on, I'll put my sunglasses over top if it's too bright. I KNOW! How awful is that? Oh well, I make sure to remove the double-glasses when I finally get OUT of the car. But yeah, all those who drive by probably get a nice little giggle at 6-eyes over there.



  1. So many things made me laugh in this post. Hey at least your going to the gym and trying, that's the first step. hahaa.. I don't blame you for wearing shades over your glasses, the sun hurts your eyes sometimes without them. As long as you take them off before getting out the car, it's good! lol

    PS. You look cute! You know I love your hair curled. And love your leopard flats.

  2. Your shirt looks so cute half tucked and I LOVE your hair...looks really pretty curled! I have an astigmatism too in one eye but i wear my contacts daily. I always feel blind wearing my glasses with the lack of peripheral vision. Have a great weekend, Kelly!

    The Tiny Heart

  3. bahahaha, I do the same thing. Days when I wear my glasses I just double up when I drive. My husband calls me a dork when I do that, lol:)

  4. you should totally get those gigantic wrap around sunglasses. My grandma has a pair and they make her look like something from star trek. (and I happen to think it's awesome)

  5. Okay first, I love your outfit...the perfect "Oh this I just threw it on but yeah I know I still look fab" outfit. Love.

    Also, as someone with astigmatism in both eyes (ugh), I highly recommend Acuvue brand. They make contacts especially for astigmatism (although I think mine are the Hydraclear ones maybe?) and they are SO comfy. That being said, I've definitely rocked the sunglasses-over-glasses look on lazy days. You're not alone :)

  6. I wear double glasses ALL the time too! I pretend people don't even notice though...hopefully they don't!

  7. I always put sunglasses on over my glasses, and then promptly forget that I have done that until people are looking at me strange. Oops. Also, I REALLY love this outfit. It's so simple and chic.

  8. You look hot with your hair curly like this! Love ur entire look

  9. LOL at the 6-eyes confession! haha!
    And Kelly - your hair looks ah-mazing here!!
    Love the simple classic look too.
    Hope you're having a great weekend girl,

  10. Oh my gosh. Your hair. That outfit. That last pose. ALL AMAZING.

  11. I love your crisp white shirt!


  12. You look gorgeous! I love your button-down & flats :)


  13. I wear contacts SO I can wear sunglasses! Although it did take a lot of trial and error to find a brand of contacts that were comfortable.

    I love this outfit - comfy and simple but really stylish! :)

  14. I love your hair curly like this! The top is perfect and I love the way you styled the whole look. And your photography is killer!


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