From boot to skinny.

Smart set top, necklace and jacket; Old Navy pants; Aldo shoes

When I bought these pants they were boot-cut. Then I washed and dried them. They shrunk. They became these weird flood-type length and I didn't know what to do. Then I remembered Merrick (from Merrick's Art) and her brilliant refashioning tutorials.  She did this one where she re-fashioned wide-leg trousers into skinny pants.

I followed all her steps and it actually was super simple! I was able to turn these into skinnies without a problem (except if you look closely at the bottom hem, the length doesn't match.. but who will be looking at the inside of my pants hem?!). I'm pretty impressed with myself. Not going to lie. It's given a brand-new life to these pants. If you've got anything you want to turn from wide to skinny, I would advise you to follow this tutorial. It rocks.

Side note: Can you tell the weather affects what I wear?


  1. I had never thought to pair brown, gray and black - but this looks great Kelly!

    The Other Side of Gray

  2. look at you and the trousers, totes rocking it!
    Pretty impressive if you ask me :)

  3. I saw that tutorial from Merrick and I'm really impressed that you were able to refashion your pants too! They look awesome...I never would've known they used to be boot cut.

    The Tiny Heart

  4. What a great transformation Kelly! I love this combo!

  5. big fan of this outfit! Love that blazer! I have a pair of pink skinnies that aren't quite as skinny as I'd like them to be, so I might need to do this tutorial. THanks lady!

  6. I did this with my pink pants recently! It's great for thrifted pants, since it's so hard to thrift skinnies anyway!

  7. wow that is an impressive skill! and love your heels!

  8. Yeah, girl! Awesome refashion!

  9. I love this look so much. It's so simple but so classic and put together. And way to go on the refashioning!!

  10. Transforming something into something successful is one of the best feelings ever! You look great.

  11. Aww, you're just adorable! I'm glad Sharon guest posted over here and led me to you! =) Those skinnies look great on you! You did such a great job. I'm creatively challenged when it comes to DIY-ing stuff. lol

    1. Thanks! I am creatively challenged as well but this is actually one of the simplest DIYs. Honestly, I'm SURE you could do it.

  12. Just more proof that I really need to purchase a sewing machine! You did such a great job! Doesn't always feel like a HUGE accomplishment when you take something from un-wearable to cute?!

    I really like this neutral outfit too :)

  13. i'm impressed! if you hadn't pointed out the hem, there is no way anyone would notice! great job!

  14. Cool outfit. It looks relly put together.
    I'm also glad to see someone else tried this tutorial and succeeded.


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