Surprise package.

F21 blazer; AE pants; Payless shoes; gifted shirt

The other day I came home to a random package sitting on my bed. I picked it up, it felt like clothing, and was sent from Emma at Verbal Melange.  She had previously messaged me letting me know she might send me some stuff as she cleaned out her closet - so exciting! I ripped it open and found this gem of a shirt, among others. She knows me well - I love plaid. Thanks Emma, you rock!

My cat Toby decided to photo-bomb this shoot. That second picture is my "who does she think she is?" pose. She's silly... that's why I love her. Though the other day, she jumped on my face in the middle of the night. I didn't love her so much then - she almost gave me a heart attack. Oh well, I can't stay mad very long at her. Just look at that little face...


  1. lovely business casual outfit! this men-like outfit is making you look even more feminine!

    Inside and Outside Blog

  2. Surprise packages--lucky girl, how awesome is that! Love that you mixed it up with the leopard shoes, very cute!

  3. Surprise packages, especially ones with clothes, are the best! The plaid shirt is so cute! I love how Toby is rolling around in the grass...she looks so happy :)

    The Tiny Heart

  4. Love the shoes and the watch! Your cat is so precious :) What a cutie!

  5. Aww yay! This looks so good on've styled it far better than I ever did :) Thanks for the shoutout, and again, so glad you like the clothes.


  6. pretty! Aren't you a lucky duck! You are rocking the shirt! Also, im loving the cat photobombing, its hilarious


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