April showers.

Dynamite shirt; American Eagle jacket & jeans; Sirens boots

Bah, my shirt is so wrinkled and I didn't even notice. It's probably been like that all day. Aweeesommeeeeeeee.

And you see how gloomy it is out? I had to photoshop these pictures to make it look lighter because my face was pretty much just a shadow. Sun, where have you gone?! I guess April showers bring May flowers, but what if I want flowers now? i.e. March showers bring April flowers? Or better yet, February showers bring March flowers. That would be lovely. And completely unrealistic for Canada. Now I'm just rambling...

Know what? I feel like I should share this with you all... I haven't shopped in almost 3 weeks. It's a miracle. Easter Sunday had some great online deals at F21 and AE but I resisted the temptation of 25% off and/or free shipping. My credit card will be happy with me this month :)


  1. Haha, I hate when I don't notice my shirt is wrinkled until AFTER I take pics in it...oops! But you still look cute, love the black & blue :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  2. I love that cobalt shirt (even if it's wrinkled)! I hope the sun comes out for you soon. We're having the opposite problem...it hasn't rained in forever and it's causing a drought. Congrats on resisting the temptation to shop!

    The Tiny Heart

  3. Way to go on the no shopping! I totally agree--I want flowers now! I love your blazer and I'm wearing my black skinnies today too!

  4. Very cute cropped jacket! And kudos on the excellent Photoshopping ;)

  5. At least you're not standing in piles of snow in your latest photos! I honestly probably wouldn't have noticed your wrinkly shirt if you hadn't said anything about it lol!
    you look cute, and i love that blazer/ jacket thing!! :)

  6. Beautiful blouse! The color looks beautiful on you!


  7. just came across your blog, I love your outfit combinations - that blouse is beautiful! Definitely following you now :-)



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