Old Navy top; American Eagle pants; Fossil watch; Zellers shoes

Ugh, I think I'm starting a cold again. The dry cough is back and I don't know why. In some ways I feel like my cold from a few weeks ago never fully went away. This is not fair, I just want to feel better!

I have to pack tonight for Montreal. I'm only gone for two days but I really have to consider the things I need versus the things I want to bring. Bussing with tonnes of stuff is never fun. The weatherman is calling for cool but sunny days for Saturday and Sunday...

What would you pack?  Do you have any wise packing strategies? 


  1. Hope you feel better Kelly! LOVE that blouse, and it looks fabulous with the black skinnies and heels :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  2. Love this look Kelly!! Those skinnies look so good on you! Usually I roll up my clothes instead of folding so I can fit more stuff lol Have fun in Montreal!

  3. I have that bird blouse and I love it. It looks so great with the black skinnies. Have fun!

    Penniless Socialite

  4. The bird print blouse is so cute, Kelly! Hope you feel better and have a great time in Montreal!

    The Tiny Heart

  5. What a cute top Kelly! I do hope you start to feel better and have some fun on your trip!

  6. cardigans are must when there's the possibility of a chill. Have fun and feel better!

  7. You look wonderful. What a pretty top and I am in love with the way your hair looks like this. It's seriously perfect. Have fun on your trip! I am the worst at packing. I always over or under do it. Maybe one day I'll learn the right balance.

  8. I'm terrible at packing but I hope that you start feeling better and have a safe trip!

  9. Cute outfit

  10. Love this outfit, definitely something I would wear! Such a pretty shirt, and really smart pants. Ergh I hate packing! I just went away for three days, and probably packed enough for at least a week. So I really can't give any advice! ;)

  11. I love your outfit!!!



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