Needs & Wants.

F21 shirt and shoes; Dynamite blazer & jeans

This blazer is a new purchase. One that I wasn't totally sure about, but it was $45 and then 20% off. I have a hard time saying no to a deal. It's not something I needed, but it was definitely something I wanted. I've been bad lately and giving into those "well I want it" feelings too much. But after I've styled the blazer a few ways, I've decided that it's a unique piece and a staple in my closet.  It's as if it fit a special need that I didn't know existed!

Do you have anything you were unsure of buying but then fell in love when you brought it home?


  1. I think the blazer was a great purchase and will be so versatile in your wardrobe! Plus I can't resist a good deal either :)

    I was unsure about color denim but now I love it and want to buy jeans in every color of the rainbow!

    The Tiny Heart

  2. That blazer is pretty legit! I think it was more of a need than a want, lol:) Happy Friday!!

  3. Pretty blazer! You're right-- it'll be totally versatile, especially once the weather warms up. I've been wanting a white blazer for spring :)

  4. Smurfy Blue!

    view and follow?

  5. I love the blue pants and blazer! Looks awesome!

  6. Can we talk for a minute about how cute you are?? I'm really loving this look, it's so simple and so chic. I love the bright pants and that blazer is fantastic, definitely a good "want" purchase.

  7. i have a white blazer that i wear all the time! it's truly is a versatile piece. this is a very refreshing outfit with the shades of cool blue.



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