Stylish Sweats.

Dynamite sweater; American Eagle tee and jeans; Spring boots

Sweats can be stylish. In moderation ladies, in moderation. Here are my tips for making a sweater a little more stylish:

  • Make sure there's some structure to the garment. The added belt to this sweater synchs my waist and provides some definition.
  • Add some fun accessories. I added my favourite watch and a long necklace. 
  • Next, you want to make sure you're wearing appropriate shoes. Wear something with a bit of interest to keep the outfit from looking way too casual. I added my knee-high black boots to bring the outfit from fairly casual to a little more put-together. 
  • Lastly, do not pair two sweats (i.e. sweater & sweat pants). Maybe in the comfort of your own home, but not if you're leaving the house. There's no way that this look is ever stylish. 
Just my two cents :)
Do you think sweats can be stylish?


  1. Loving that top Kelly - looks so cute & comfy! And I agree, you can totally dress sweats up (obviously - just look at you)!

    The Other Side of Gray

  2. I agree with all your tips, I don't think a sweater and sweat pants will ever look stylish together- they will be really comfy to wear at home though lol I have seen some girls wear sweat pants with heels, I'm not sure I could pull it off but some of the girls I've seen look good!
    You look great of course!!

  3. I love how you dressed up your sweats with your accessories and those boots! I usually reserve my sweats for bumming around the house but you've convinced me that they can be more than a casual look!

    The Tiny Heart

  4. Yes, sweats can definitely be done right! I really like the belt on your sweater which accentuates your waist. Paired with the boots, you have a perfect comfy-chic outfit :)

    Xo Chelle

  5. Love that sweater! You still have snow? You totally deserve some hot weather :)

  6. Love the top! I would have said 'Sweats are never stylish' a couple months ago, but I've seen so many ladies totally rocking them lately. I think I can totally get behind a super comfortable trend like that.

  7. Kelly, where is this watch from? I want closeups! Looks fabulous. Just as you do. Kisses from across the pond<3

  8. Oh I love this! It really does nip you in, yet still provides tons of volume and shape! And the color is beautiful on you :)

  9. Phew when I saw the title I was like, "ughhh not ANOTHER person trying to make sweat pants look stylish" I love your take on it sooo much! That sweater is ADORABLE. I love how it ties! Gorgeous!


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