Loafer heels.

Blouse: Dynamite
Jeans: American Eagle
Heels: Le Château

Say hello to my most favouritest shoes. I found 'em on clearance back in January and have been DYING to finally wear them. Although they make me 6 feet tall, they make me feel fabulous.

Thanks for the well wishes everyone. I got myself some meds and I'm starting to feel much better! To be honest though, I'm still wary. I thought I was getting better this same time last week, but then it got worse again. So I'm not out of the clear yet! I keep getting told to drink orange juice, but I don't like orange juice. Another friend told me to eat more vegetables because I don't eat enough veggies. To be honest, they're a pain in the butt to prep and require some form of keeping cold while I'm at work. And I'm too lazy to walk to the fridge on the other side of the building for a snack... Now you all know the root of most of my problems: Laziness. Maybe I should work on that...

Tomorrow's Friday! And then the weekend! Which means sleep! Yay!


  1. Those shoes are ridiculously cute.

    lace, etc.

  2. LOOOOOOOVE the heels. Very cute and I can see why you love them. Glad to hear you're feeling better :)

  3. Heels always make me feel more fabulous! Glad you're feeling a little better, Kelly! I've been feeling sick for weeks...I thought it was a cold but now I'm convinced it's allergies.

    The Tiny Heart

  4. Those are unexpectedly cool shoes. You definitely pull them off!
    Feel better, being sick is the worst.

  5. Love those loafer heels! I picked up a pair myself last fall. Mine are so cute but being from Forever 21 they are so uncomfortable. So glad you're getting a lot of wear out of yours!

  6. This is an absolutely awesome outfit for you Kelly. The shoes rock. And the belt adds that little extra. Keep rockin' couz.


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