It's all alright.

... it IS snowing...

AE jeans; Old Navy vest; Joe Fresh shirt; Spring boots; F21 belt

Its still winter here and I keep flipping back and forth between spring-y and winter-y outfits. Today is definitely winter-y. We got a bunch of snow last week and I was inspired to wear something warm and cozy: cue knit vest and stripes.

After a kick-butt weekend I'm off to work for another week. Let's hope its even just a little as awesome.


  1. Loving the belted vest - so cute! Happy work week :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  2. Ooooh I really like those boots and the stripes and cozy knit together. I have similar boots but in suede they don't look as good as yours though!

    The weather keeps changing its mind here too! It hasn't snowed though, I wish it would, I love snow!!

    Amelia @ UGLY DUCKLING x

    Come say hey at!

  3. I love this! ^^ stripes and knits are my current fave combination ^^ xo Nikki

  4. Yay belted vest! And stripes! And snow!

  5. The belted vest is so cute! Hope your week lives up to the awesome weekend you had, Kelly!

    Visit W3Schools

  6. So cute! Love the knit vest over the stripes... and I know what you mean about switching back and forth between winter and spring... we got our first "big snow" on leap day. Not sure what that's all about, but hey I pulled out some warmer clothes this past week :)


  7. Love the belted vest over the stripes - so cute!

    lace, etc.

  8. Very cute! I love your boots!! We keep going back and forth with the temperature here is winter and by the end of the week it's suppose to go all the way up to 70 degrees!

  9. I love this outfit, just perfect.


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