Blogger Spotlight: Sydney of Take Me For A Twirl

Hello lovelies! Today I've got a new blogger to feature for you guys! Meet Sydney from Take Me For a Twirl.  She blogs about many lovely things including fashion and life. She's a daily read of mine and is also a Canadian gal! Awesome! I hope you guys find that she rocks as much as I think she does.

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Hey Enter Kelly readers! My name is Sydney and I'm just your average Toronto girl moonlighting as a style blogger by night and studying by day. I blog over at Take Me For a Twirl where I talk about three things: dressing well, eating well and living well. I was so excited that the lovely Kelly asked me to be featured on her fabulous blog! From one Canadian gal to another, it's an honour with a 'u'. Kelly gave me the ultimate freedom to share whatever I wanted to with you and while I often have a fair amount to say about fashion and the like, I thought I would share a few tips that I have picked up along the way about living a great life, a wonderful life. 
I am always striving to live my best life and it's something I write about often on my lovely little blog. I also share a few of my outfits and some delicious recipes like apricot yogurt cake. yummm. Make sure to make your way over to Take Me For a Twirl and have a peek around, I think you might like it over there. Extra huge thanks to the fabulous Kelly for having me! See you cats around xo Syd

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Umm... don't you guys just want those glasses? And yes, I'm off to pin that living a wonderful life list...

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  1. Awww I love Syd :) Wonderful tips for living a wonderful life! (I'm pinning those as well, haha)


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