Wednesday's Work Style

Today's my third Wednesday's Work Style, but I gotta admit, it's not the best.

I love this shirt and the pencil skirt, but I feel like something is missing? I'm wearing a necklace but you can barely see it... Maybe I need "bigger" jewellery? Maybe heels? What would you do differently?

Shirt from Costa Blanca; Skirt is second-hand; Shoes from Spring

We were downtown for this photo shoot. I love this building as a background. There are lots of beautiful places I hope to show you guys over the summer.

I really don't have too much to say today... I'm sorry. Next time there will be a story, I hope :)


  1. i'd add a skinny belt ;)

  2. and a cute scarf but then u'd look like a flight attendant. ha! i love the mix of lilac and gray. very cute for work..

  3. Very cute for work! I'd add a nice belt and some sensible heels, perhaps a chunky bracelet! Love to accessorize.

    Xo Chelle

  4. i love this outfit just the way it is. the shirt looks incredibly comfortable and flowy considering how hot it's been lately.

    and HOW DOES YOUR PENCIL SKIRT FIT SO AMAZINGLY?! girl, i am going through some major skirt envy right now. i've been on a hunt for the perfect pencil skirt forever and still haven't found it.


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