I'm having a little dilemma...

...Tomorrow I'll be in the car for 7 hours straight.  The weather is supposed to be pretty hot, we might be running into some thunderstorms, but otherwise I hope to see a bit of sun.

What the heck do I wear for such a long trip in the car, with possibly really crappy weather? I need your opinions, ladies! Especially if you travel lots...

I'm heading to see my ex-roommate (Kat) this weekend! I've only seen her once in the past year so it'll be exciting to finally visit her in her new(ish) town :) We've been besties and neighbours (pretty much) since grade 6. Last May she moved far away, and I still haven't been able to visit her! I'm a terrible friend, I know :(

Here's a picture of us back when we were little. And by little I mean sometime in high school, at least 5 years ago...

Oh the many memories...I'm so excited!

So, back to the real question, what do I wear?!


  1. anything comfy...t-shirt/jeans?

    hope u have fun!

    kimchi girl

  2. I agree to what kimchi girl said. But if you want to dress up more, you can go for a maxi dress with a cardigan and some flat sandals. :)




  3. What do u wear? - comfy cute clothes! Cotton shorts. some capri pants, tshirts and fedora! Maxi would work wonderfully too :)

    Have fun in the adventure!! xxx


  4. Yea I would say you go with comfy jeans a cute top and flats.

    Have fun!!

  5. cute!

    xoxo from rome

  6. Hmmm, maybe a long cotton skirt, and a tank with a cardigan in case she likes the air super cold? Have a great time. You guys were cute in the picture;)

    Aesthetic Lounge


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