A day in the park

The other evening was so beautiful and sunny, my boyfriend and I HAD to venture outside to the big, random green space across the road from our apartment.

And because you all care, this is what I wore:

Shirt (mens) from The Bay; Jeans from Gap; Belt from F21; Wedge heels from Payless; Tank from American Eagle

There's not much back there but a basketball net and a little park, but we still manage to have fun walking around and enjoying each others company. And sometimes playing on the swings or climbing the play structure. Only when there are no kids around ;)

I hope everyone is getting the amazing weather we are!!! It's going to be 25+ degrees (Celsius) and sunny all week!  It's incredible what the weather does for the mood.


  1. Fabulous. And.. wish I could play on the swings with you in the nice weather :(

  2. I loooooove picnics in the park with my hubby! You look SO cute! Love the jeans! :) Just found your blog, you have such cute style! Newest follower, hello!

  3. Aww! Yay!! Love your jeans and flannel!


  4. I like this look and the flash of color with that tannish yellow belt. nice twist on a classic

  5. awesome outfit! :)


  6. those jeans are fantastic on you! i may have to make a trip to GAP this week! ;)

  7. I love you in plaid Kelly!!
    Monique xx


  8. aw looks like syall had so much fun, those jeans look amazing on you!


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