Thank God. This week has been so long, and I'm so tired sitting here writing this post. My head is aching, and I should probably take a nap or something...

This is an outfit I wore last weekend that I hadn't posted yet.  My boyfriend's dad and his fiancĂ©e came down to the city to have lunch with us, which was nice. We don't see them very often so it's good to catch up every once in a while.

Shirt from Old Navy; Romper from Dynamite; Belt from F21; Sandals from Spring

Gosh, don't you just love the wind? Not...

Restaurants are ALWAYS cold, but it was supposed to be super hot outside, so I paired my romper with a button-down blouse. It was perfect - I could take it off if I got too hot, but my arms would be covered in the air conditioned restaurant... Except it didn't get as hot as it was supposed to, so I left the shirt on the whole time.

I think it's time for me to cut this post off. My head is hurting and I should probably go rest...

Have a great Friday everyone!!!


  1. I love this romper on you! I am a total wuss when it comes to A/C. I have a space heater under my desk. It may be 200 degrees outside, but with the A/C cranked, I like to keep my bare summer legs at a nice 80 degrees or so. ;-) Get some rest and enjoy your weekend!

  2. So cute! I love this look! I'm a little jealous of your shirt - I've been looking for a red button up like that!

  3. Very cute! I don't have any rompers cause I feel like I look funny in them but maybe I'll try it with a shirt over like this! Thanks for the inspiration! : )

  4. Shirt over romper? You might just be a genius. Like, Einstein should be intimidated. LOVE THIS.

  5. The romper looks adorable! Is it linen? I feel you on the AC - I'm always cold... never know how to dress for work in this weather!


  6. sweet, love your romper - I'm a bit jealous on your weather, it's quite cool over here :)

  7. I love the outfit! you have a stunning skin tone that goes well with it! stay pretty always!

  8. Love that pop of red Kelly

    Greetings from Mexico!

    DoublClik Photo Blog

  9. Way to get more use out of the romper, looks great with the shirt over it. :)

  10. Kelly,

    I love the color of that blouse! Thanks for visiting my blog...I also saw a look-a-like pair at Old Navy today. They are available online for $29.50 here:

    xoxo, natasha

  11. Great idea!! You look so cute! A perfect outfit for Summer.

  12. Love the shirt, it is a fabulous colour.


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