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I'm back from my weekend trip! I feel so out of the loop after not being able to blog for almost four days. But there are still LOTS of things to be done/cleaned/organized in the house, so I'll leave you all with this post featuring some of my favourite things this season.

1. Rompers
How awkward is that word? Every time I use it I feel ridiculous.  Awkwardness aside, rompers are the best.  I bought three last year and have the urge to buy more every time I see them in a different, unique pattern.  Usually I'm not a big floral girl, but there are a bunch of adorable floral rompers that I've seen this summer...maybe I'm converting? Anyways, I'd love ANY of the following:
Left to right: Threadsence, Forever21 (Canada), Ruche

2. Button-Up Tops
Although it's nearly summer and the temperatures are climbing, I still find myself grabbing a button-up top for cooler days and evenings.  If you go back through my recent posts, I'm sure you'll see what I mean.  They a)  are extremely comfortable, b) come in different colours and patters, and c) help pull together almost any outfit. I think, right now, these types of shirts are my favourite pieces of clothing in my closet.  Here are some that have caught my eye recently (although I really don't need any more):

Left to right: Forever 21 (Canada), Old NavyDynamite 

3. The Sun
I know it's not fashion-related, but I'm definitely a warm-weather girl.  Why am I in Canada? Sometimes I ask myself the same question... Actually, our weather is beautiful in the summer - it's just the winter cold that I don't enjoy.  ANYWAY! It's incredible what the sun can do for my mood.  I've just been enjoying the past week of very little rain, and lots and lots of +30°C weather.  Here's a picture I took a couple years ago while camping...I love the feeling of sun on my feet :)

4. Watermelon
Again, not fashion related. But I LOVE watermelon. I can eat a whole one in a day, seriously. It's my favourite food of life. I've already eaten two this season, and I wish I could eat more. It's just impossible to bring home from the grocery store when I have to bus/walk. I've been dying to try a version of these since I heard of them...Watermelon smoothies!

Picture via TasteOfHome

5. Bright Nail Polish
My colour collection consists of coral, teal, lilac purple and peachy-orange nail polish. I'm still on the lookout for more.  I don't have too many bright clothes, so I like to accessorize with my nails. Any of these colours would have a special place in my collection (and heart):

From Left to Right: Forever 21 (Canada), OPI ("green kissed by the summer sun"), Essie ("Sexy Divide")

What things are you loving this summer?


  1. I love everything on this list! Especially bright nails and button ups!

  2. i'm super obsessed w/ rompers. :)

    kimchi girl

  3. Rompers are the best! No doubt sun is great always and bright nail polishes a kind of stolen my heart this year

    Inside and Outside blog


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