Wednesday's Work Style

I wore a cardigan over this dress at work, but it was too hot to take pictures with it on outside. Temperatures have been nuts for the past few weeks! The wind was also insane, as you can probably tell...

Dress from Joe Fresh; Belt from F21; Shoes from Globo

This is my idea of a perfect dress. The colour is gorgeous and perfect for summer, while the crochet neck was something that I didn't have in my closet. Definitely a unique piece for me! Wearing light clothes like these make me so excited for summer...until you have to put that sweater back on again :( Hopefully the sun's back for good!


  1. beautiful dress, color and detailing...oh, and are those shoes wedges? love 'em.

    kimchi girl

  2. Lovely dress & color!

    xo, tasha

  3. I don't know if those shoes are heels are wedges but I love them! lol I was going to get similar ones from Charolette Russe (for just $10!) but they didnt have my size : /

    That dress is really cute too!

  4. You are right, this is the perfect dress. Superstore/Loblaws is tax free this weekend so guess what I'm trying to find tomorrow...

  5. Also my idea of a perfect dress. Let's trade. :)


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