H&M and Procrastination

Sometimes I procrastinate. Sometimes I feel bad for asking my boyfriend to to take a couple minutes out of his day to photograph an outfit. I know I could do it myself, but it never turns out the same. Sometimes I hate taking photos with others around, so I wait until the last possible second.

That's why these photos suck. I waited until the sun went down to take them, and they didn't turn out very well. I photo-shopped them to look a little lighter, but I won't be waiting to take pictures anymore. I really loved this outfit, but I don't feel like these pictures do it justice.

Dress from H&M; Blazer from Costco

On our way home from last weekend's adventures, we passed through Barrie. Earlier I had checked to see if there was a Forever 21 to make a pit-stop. There wasn't, and I was a little disappointed but kinda happy we would make it home sooner.

Driving along the main road, my boyfriend spots an H&M and says "Look! There's an H&M! You love that store, don't you? We're stopping!" (did I mention he's awesome?). So I pulled over and we decided on a 30-minute timeline. We went into the store and I power-shopped like I've never power-shopped before. I made it through the two huge levels in under 30 minutes and went into the changeroom with 15 pieces. Yep, 15. The change-room associate was surprised and said "wow, that's a first", to which I replied "...We don't have an H&M in Ottawa".  I think she understood.

I only ended up with 4 things. This dress, another dress, a clutch, and a scarf.  I have a budget for clothing and shoes, and have been pretty broke recently.  Unfortunately I couldn't take home more, because I definitely would have loved to. I think I could have taken home that whole store if I had the chance.

H&M, please come to Ottawa! 


  1. You look great! I love that dress & your bag! Your boyfriend is awesome..Josh would have begged me not to go in! lol

  2. I actually really love these pictures... and the outfit is great too! http://orangiesattic.blogspot.com/

  3. Awesome finds! I love random shopping trips like that! That dress is sooo pretty on you. I have the sister dress from Forever21! I think your photos turned out just fine, I can totally tell you rocked that outfit like nobody's business! :)

  4. No.Way. It was HIS idea to stop at H&M? That is amazing! You boyfriend rocks! I don't think my husband has even heard of H&M! He has his own strengths though :) I love the striped maxi!

  5. You rock that H&M dress for sure! Love that your bf was the one who spotted the store and insisted you shop :) 4 things is a pretty good shopping trip, especially with their prices. Can't believe Ottawa doesn't have one of its own? Anyways, cute look :) xo

  6. I definitely know what you mean about waiting until the last minute...sometimes for me, this means not even taking pictures that day, despite the fact that it may be an outfit I love!
    Although you weren't a fan of these pictures, I think they turned out lovely! Your outfit is adorable, you certainly can pull of horizontal stripes like nobodies business...:)
    Paige Renae

  7. i'm no joke driving an hour and a half tomorrow to go to an H&m! haha they have the cutest stuff! By the looks of the dress, I'm SUPER pumped about going now tomorrow!
    love the outfit!
    Thanks for hte comment! we need to keep in touch more as well! :) love your posts!

  8. I am so stoked for my first H&M experience! You do have a good bf indeed! I think the photos look great and I love the stripes.

  9. Oh my goodness, I can't believe Ottawa doesn't have an H&M...I guess the People in Parliment must not be that stylish!
    Anytime I get near an H&M I go a little crazy too (that's what happens when the closest one is 10hrs away).
    I really like this outfit...the blazer fits you perfect...and I love all the black and white!

    Natasha ~ Required2BeInspired

  10. H&M is a true fashionplace. =) Lovely dress. And no worries youll probably shop until you drop next time.

    Im following now. And maybe youll visit me someday too.


  11. This look is truly fab, even with the lighting issue. (I learned that lesson a few days ago as well.) Yeah, H&M is really cool. I go crazy with all those clothes in affordable prices... but then they add up if you really want to buy them all lol

  12. Gorgeous dress and I think the pictures are very nice. But I understand because I'm the exact same way. I would much rather the boyfriend take them then do it myself.

  13. awe your bf is so awesome to stop for you to go to H&M! you know i was reading your post and the whole story was deja-vu. I power shop thru H&M all the time, i will also go to the change room with ALOT of pieces and end up buying only ones i really really love.

    you found some great pieces!

    xo Nav

  14. that dress looks so comfy. i'm obsessed with stripes lately...

  15. Your boyfriend is the sweetest! I don't think mine would ever insist on stopping for an H&M...but then again, we have two in Columbus. You're also really lucky that he'll do outfit photos for you. Matt doesn't take the best ones for me, haha. And this outfit looks great, don't worry. Loving the blazer/maxi dress look!

  16. For the record, I have taken in WAY more than 15 pieces to an H&M dressing room. I should probably be ashamed, but I'm not. LOVE this dress, and the fact that your boyfriend pulled over for H&M! He's a keeper.


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