Yay for hats!

I have a flower on my hat. And I very much enjoy it: 

Hat & sandals from F21; Dress from American Eagle

You know, I've really been enjoying simple accessories lately...Sometimes a big necklace, or lots of jewellery doesn't work with my mood or my outfit. This was definitely the case today. My only accessory? This lovely hat from Forever 21. I ordered it thinking I could remove the flowers if it didn't look right. When it came in, the flowers were bigger than I expected so I tried to take them off. Turns out it's glued on, not sewed on (what I expected), so I couldn't.

But you know what? I'm glad I couldn't take them off. I like them because they're unique. I can't say I've seen anyone else walking around with big flowers on their hats like this. Maybe it'll start a trend? Hah!


  1. I love how the flower gave the fedora hat a feminine vibe since looking back, fedoras are worn by the mafias and now girls where them too. :)

    I love your outfit too! :)


  2. It looks lovely!! I like it paired with that dress. You look very pretty!

  3. Cute hat! I don't think the flower is too big and it actually does look cute. It would still be nice though to have the choice of keeping it on or off.

  4. 'Tis the season for fun hats! I love the flower and thing it goes great with that lovely, summery dress!


  5. you are super cute, you know that? loves the hat girl :)


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