The people you meet.

I love looking back at certain things in my life. Especially people. The ones who move in and stay put, and the ones who float in and out of your life. They all make an impact; some small, some large, some obvious, and some unexpected.

Like a best friend who shares the same obsession with cats as me. I am finally able to let my cat-freak-flag fly, and I love it.

Like my old boss who would engage me in daily deep conversations about life, perspective, society and doing what we want instead of what is expected of us. I've been inspired many times over because of her.

Like an old flame who taught me that guilt is not a reason to stick around. That no matter how hard you try, there are just some things that cannot be fixed.

Like a friend who opened my eyes to new experiences, new ideas and to take more chances. Be open to more.

Like those lost connections in life who you sometimes wonder about. Work harder to keep in touch with the great people you've met.

Like a best friend, who has taught me to be strong and to love myself first. And to never ever settle for less. I'm still working on this.

Everyone that passes through your life can teach you a lesson. 
It's amazing to take a step back and realize how much people have taught you.

Do you ever reflect on the people you've met?


  1. naw girl, such a great post! What an excellent approach to the day

  2. This is so nice- I think this weekend I'll spend thinking about all of those amazing people I've met. Sometimes I don't realize how truly blessed I am.

  3. This is an insightful post about the power we can draw from those around us. I think about this a lot but I would say it's equally important to tell those people what they've meant to you. It's something I didn't have the courage to do until I've been older but it's something people love to hear.


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