Dynamite jacket; American Eagle jeans; Converse shoes; Tommy Hilfiger top

Not much to say other than the next few weeks are going to be crazy!

This weekend I've helped my brother move, cleaned/painted my apartment, and joined some wonderful local ladies for a blogger brunch.

Next weekend I'm buying, moving and building IKEA furniture. Pray for me.
Over the next couple of weeks, I'll be heading to the new apartment to clean more, bring things and make the place liveable.

If I'm spotty around these parts, you know why!


  1. Good luck on the Ikea furniture! I've assembled a few things and they're usually not too bad if you lay out all the pieces first :)

  2. You're gonna be a pro at the whole ikea furniture thing!!

  3. I had ALL Ikea furniture in my old apartment and let's just say there was a lot of cursing going on. :)

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  4. have fun! i'm sure you'll make a great space for yourself!


  5. I love the converse and the knotted shirt, excellent combo

  6. I like the beachy waves you've got. This whole look has a cool California skater look.
    Do we get a sneak peek of your new apartment sometime?


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