11 Random Things.

American Eagle denim; Forever 21 top and shoes; Old Navy belt

Thanks to the beautiful Corinne of Life Etc., I have been awarded the Liebster award! As a result, I've been given 11 questions to answer! Because I haven't shared too many random details about myself on this blog, I figure this is a good chance for you guys to get to know me a little better. 

1. When I grow up I'd like to be a... firetruck! In all seriousness though, I still haven't decided what I want to be. I'm taking it as it comes - I think I'm going to "be" a lot of things :)

2. First pet? When I was born my mom and dad had a couple dogs, but I was never super close with them. I begged my parents for a cat, and for my 5th birthday I got the sweetest kitty that I named Tiger.  

3. Meanest thing you've ever said or done? I hate being mean. I feel really guilty when I hurt someone's feelings so I try not to do it often.  Recently, though, there's been someone who I have chosen to leave as a part my past for a few reasons and it's been hard to get that message across without being overtly mean...

4. Chocolate v lollies (or candy or sweets for those non-Australians!)? Chocolate - hands down. Chocolate rules my world. Honestly, if you want to be friends, bring chocolate. 

5. Best advice you've ever been given? The most important thing in life is happiness and health.

6.What's your guilty pleasure? See question 4, and consider the amount of it that I eat per day (i.e. LOTS).

7. A perfect Saturday night would involve... my best friends, girlie movies and a bottle of wine. Last weekend I had it all except the best friends. Note to self: The Notebook + bottle of wine = bad idea...

8. Favourite travel destination? I haven't travelled much, but I loved visiting NYC.

9. Three beauty items you could not live without? Moisturizer, mascara and vaseline (I use it like lip gloss). 

10. I never leave the house without... my iPhone. I know everyone says that, but I can't deny the truth!

11. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? I shower at night most of the time so I can be ready in 15 minutes.  I don't usually wear make-up on a daily basis so that shaves off a good 10 minutes! 


  1. I really don't like to be mean to anyone either, unless it's necessary. Like when someone won't leave you alone,sometimes you just need to get it out there and say god dammit just stop calling me!! lol I'm def. all for chocolare too! And wine + The Notebook...I would def. be crying me eyes out!

    I think I told you this already, but I LOVE that top!!

  2. You look so cute and casual!

    I am a huge fan of chocolate too...yum!! Have a great weekend, Kelly!

    The Tiny Heart

  3. Geez, must be nice to be a natural beauty who doesn't need to wear makeup :) Love this color top on you!

    1. HAH! Yeah right - I do a good job of hiding the flaws in these photos. ;)

  4. Love your red top!!! you look like an angel!!! xxx

  5. Yay!! I loved reading these and think we share the same chocolate addiction! Haha and I laughed out loud at #7 - oh dear :)

    Life etc

  6. I love this pretty floral top :)


  7. Nice blog babe.
    Check this lovely bracelet giveaway on my blog!

  8. Great Pics!!! Amazing outfit!!!!!



  9. Congrats on the blog award! You totally deserve it because you are awesome!

  10. Hi! I came across your blog and I just wanted to tell you that I think it's so cute! You are darling and have very cute taste. Glad I came across your blog :)


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