When I'm not wearing skinny jeans...

Forever 21 button-up; American Eagle jeans; Fossil watch; Giant Tiger mocassins

The days I don't wear skinny jeans I feel different. My body feels a different shape; it's as if I have to pay more attention to what I wear with my pants. I don't know, it's just ... different.

I remember when skinny jeans were becoming popular amongst the average woman... 7-8 years ago I guess. I went into Old Navy and saw a pair on a mannequin. I thought about my fav cousin who had already bought her first pair and was rocking them. When I finally got the courage to try them on, I felt like my hips were HUGE. I bought them anyway, probably in an effort to be kind of cool.

Now, if I count all of my pants I would say 80% are skinny. I guess I got over the hip issue and decided they were rockin' enough to become the most popular style in my wardrobe.

In an effort to keep my wardrobe versatile, I do have a boot-cut style (as seen here), a flared style and a pair of boyfriend jeans. They round out the skinnies for when I'm looking for something a little different. But they just don't feel the same...

What is your favourite style of jean? 


  1. I used to despise skinny jeans because I hated anything that would be tight on me. somewhere along the lines I got over my fear and now one of them (my black skinnies) are my favorite pair that I have to remind myself to NOT wear some times. Though I definitely still love some oversized, destroyed jeans. Comfy city.

  2. All my jeans are skinny too! It's more easy to wear your boots with this type of jeans :) BUT! Last week I bought a pair of bootcuts... Or wide legged jeans anyway. The pipes are HUGE and I still have to get over my 90ies trauma a bit before I can wear them in public, haha. I love these bootcuts on you! x

  3. The skinnies are my fav too. I still have some straight leg, boot cut, and flared jeans in my closet from seasons past but I don't really wear them anymore.

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  4. you totally have the skinny jean body! My favourite and most flattering cut on me are flares, just the way my hips and big ol' butt are they are just super flattering.
    Cute blue shirt btw!

  5. i love in my skinnies! they are the only style i like. i don't think my body looks good in any other cut, lol

  6. I actually prefer flared jeans like the ones you're wearing as they make me feel taller and they are easier to dress up. Wait a second, GT sells moccassins? Now that's GT chic! :)

  7. I love skinny jeans, and I feel wierd when I wear flares or bootcuts now.

  8. I'm definitely a skinny-jean girl! Boot cut or straight leg always makes my petite frame feel even shorter. But they look really flattering on you!

    Xo Chelle

  9. LOL I did the same exact thing when they came out (I'm a curvier girl too so I was pretty resistant to the skinny jean era) now I love them too! Flares can be great though, especially a nice tailored pair. You look beautiful.


  10. I completely agree with you. When Skinny jeans came out I was like "wow thats one bandwagon that I am never jumping" Now? Its all I will wear. I love this outfit!



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