Colour at the office.

Forever 21 button-up; Dynamite cardigan; American Eagle denim; Call it Spring shoes

Thanks everyone for your sweet comments yesterday. I'm keeping my chin up - life only gets you down if you let it.

Now a little story about wearing bright colours at the office... I always get thrown off guard when a coworker that I have never met makes a comment about what I'm wearing. I mean, when I wore my green jeans to work, some random old guy made a comment about how he "loved" my pants. For a second, I was all creeeeepyyyy, then I realized who cares? They're awesome and he's right.  Today, I went to the cafeteria a record of three times and a completely random other guy was there twice. Once I wore my pink shoes, but downgraded to flats after lunch cause my feet hurt. Out of the blue he goes "you changed your shoes". Umm, what? How the heck do people remember these things?

I've decided it has to do with colour. Not a lot of people wear brights to work and when someone does, it sticks out. Like these shoes, or my green jeans. Whether they see them and think "oh my gosh, who wears pink shoes?" or they think "way to go, she's wearing pink shoes" or they just think "pink shoes?" I don't care. My shoes made an impact on them today. And that's the fun part of fashion :)


  1. I once had a (straight) male customer tell me he likes my bright nail color, I was like uhh..thanks! lol I love those pink shoes!! I was going to buy them last week, but there was only one pair left in my size and it had a!

  2. Well I love those pink shoes! It's funny, sometimes I get compliments at work on the outfits I would least expect them for - like the brighter/louder ones that I thought people might raise an eyebrow at. I guess it just proves why you shouldn't dress for other people :)

    Life etc

  3. I love the pop of color! And I find it even funnier that it was a guy that noticed you changed shoes! A woman definitely, but I didn't know a guy would really notice!

  4. Haha, how weird that the guy noticed your shoes! Either way I love the bright pink...they bring so much fun to office attire!

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  5. love the pop of pink from those shoes! nothing wrong with bringing a little color into the office! xx

  6. Maybe he thinks you're cute and that's why he notices ;)

    Either way, I love these shoes. I didn't see them at first because I had to scroll down in my RSS reader, but when I did, my face went from neutral to a HUGE smile. They're that great!

  7. I love those shoes! they are definitely awesome! :)

  8. Amazing work outfit ! Love the pop of color with the shoes !

    Once I wore my neon yellow pumps at work and peoples stopped at my office door to comment on my very bright shoes ! So I know were you are coming from !
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  9. yah, very cute shoes! love the color :)



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