Dealing with change.

Forever 21 top; Dynamite jacket; American Eagle denim; Giant Tiger mocassins

Sorry about yesterday. You see, I only got 4 hours of sleep Saturday night. And then I was at a birthday party allll day Sunday. When I finally got home and crashed around 10, my alarm was set for 5:30 Monday morning. This post just didn't get written. And I almost didn't get any work done during the day, either. I think yesterday was one of the few times I've legitimately NEEDED coffee to function.

Now, after my eventful weekend I'm sitting here with nothing to write. I just can't seem to think up anything fun, interesting or even worth sharing. I think I may know why.

I usually love the fall season, and fall usually loves me. It may sound funny, but September has always been the month of "new" for me and always in a good way. This fall, however, I'm losing two of my best friends who are moving to different cities. One's only gone for 4 months, so while I'll miss her, I know she'll be back soon. The other is leaving for two years for her Master's. Things just won't be the same without her. Change is good in life - it keeps you from living the exact same thing every day. But I'm going through the "change sucks" phase. I'm sure everything will be fine soon, it's just sad to think about and it's put a bit of a damper on my mood. Not to mention it's been overcast all day... that always makes me feel worse.

What about you guys? Do you embrace change easily?


  1. I'm not a huge fan of change, though it always seems to be me that is leaving and taking on new cities- so maybe I don't like the idea of it, but I definitely do it often. Loving the red on you!

  2. Oh man, I do not take change well AT ALL. But it's inevitable, and I've learned that just dealing with it is a LOT easier than moping or having panic attacks :P

    Also, Skype? My best friend lives six hours away, so we have Skype dates to keep in touch. It's way better than the phone!

  3. Most of the time, I hate change too, especially when it's good friends that are moving away. One of my friends is moving across the country in just a few days for business school but at least it'll be an excuse to visit LA :)

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  4. aw saying bye to a friend always sucks.. at least you can Skype and maybe visit each other on the weekend. Hope you start feeling better soon.

  5. Keep your chin up - things will get better! Change can definitely suck, though! :)

  6. I've already decided that when my best friend moves back to the States, that will be my cue to say adios to Ottawa, it's hard not being close to friends! It's nice to know they will be back and video chat (with cats heehee) is a wonderful thing! Love your red blouse, very pretty.

  7. It is always hard to adapt to change! Good luck! This outfit is so cute. I love that top!

    xoxo, Meera

  8. I totally know how you feel. Hang in there girly, you'll eventually adjust.


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