Blogger Spotlight: Sarah of Coming Unstitched

It's already past mid-August and I'm going to cry. It means summer's coming to a close. But, on the bright side it means that I have another blogger for you guys to meet! If you haven't met her yet, here's Sarah from Coming Unstitched. She just celebrated her 1st blogiversary last week, but she's already made herself a name in the blogging community. I just love her personal shopper posts (she tempts me to buy things...), and her new "unstitch me" series is wonderful.  I love that she generates discussion about fashion, but other real-life situations as well. Get to know her, you'll probably love her just as much as I do. 

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Hey, hey guys!  I'm Sarah and I blog over at Coming Unstitched.  It's my corner of the interwebs where I show my personal style (when I'm not wearing my pajamas that is), talk about my upcoming wedding (seriously, it's getting reeeeeally close), and shop for you (well, I don't actually BUY anything for you, just tell YOU what YOU should buy-- and suggest that you then give it to me).  I've just celebrated my one year of blogging which was pretty mind blowing if you ask me.  I started my blog because I was bullied into it (seriously) and thinking that no one would want to read what little ol' me would have to say, but now, over 1500 readers later I guess I was wrong.  

Now, I don't like to play favorites with my clothes, but let's be honest, we all have our favorites- just like people who have kids.  There is ALWAYS a favorite (don't deny it).  I have a favorite cat (Batman- who is a girl and doesn't fly or save people nearly as often as she should) and I'm pretty sure that's the same thing as having kids.  Where was I?  Oh right, favorite clothes.  My favorites include American Eagle jeans (still not sure why they haven't hired me as a spokesmodel), clothes that are a bit oversized, and black and white.  But luckily for you I show a bit more variety than that.  Below are a few of my favorites that I've featured on the blog (shhh, don't tell the other clothes).

Now get your booty over to my blog and say hi!  And then go to Facebook and "like" me there.  Oh, and THEN go to Twitter and follow me there!


  1. I like that girl. She's fun. :) Thanks for having me!

  2. Love it, can't wait to see what you do next! Come check out my blog, maybe we can follow each other!
    Material Fixations

  3. I am so glad she was bullied into it ;)


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