Cow or Dalmatian?


Dynamite top & pants; H&M flats; Forever 21 necklace; Fossil watch

Sometimes I make funny poses and I really don't know how they happen. I'm transitioning from one pose to the next and BAM - awkward moment captured. Like that last one right there. This is real life, kids. Just keepin' it real around here. I should do an outtakes post soon.

Also, I can't decide on this print: cow or dalmatian? I mean, the whole time I was thinking cow, and then a friend points out that the spots are too small to be a cow and it's really a dalmatian print. I'm starting to think she's right. Whatever print it may be, the high-low cut sold me on this top. That and the material. It's so light-weight and a perfect transition piece as the days get a little cooler. Wait, who am I kidding? That won't happen for a at least a month at this rate.

Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend :)


  1. I love this top Kelly! I saw it in their weekly email. I think they call it "pony" print... whatever that may mean...

  2. Dalmation! Only because I don't think I've ever seen a Dalmation print's SO cute :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  3. I'm thinking ink blot test...


  4. I'd call it Dalmation! Either way it's adorable, Kelly!

    The Tiny Heart
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  5. Dalmation! :) Very cute! I love it regardless of what the print is ;)


  6. Yup, I'd have to say Dalmation print! Super cute though, love the hi-low cut as well :)

    Life etc

  7. Whatever animal it is, it's a great print and looks fantastic with your black skinnies!

  8. Dalmatian- it sounds way better than cow :)


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