Giant Tiger tee; American Eagle jeans; Walmart shoes

Guyysss, I finally got myself a baseball tee! And it was only $8! I don't normally like prints/text like this on my shirts, but I decided the cost of the shirt made it totally worth it. Now, I wish I could say I was East Coast Champions in 1982 and played for New York, but unfortunately I a) do not play sports, b) was not alive in 1982 and c) do not live in/have anything to do with New York.

Oh well.

This is a typical weekender outfit for me. Breaking free from the office-wear into ripped jeans, boat shoes and a baseball tee. This, my friends, is comfort at its finest.

Did you do something exciting this weekend? Me, not so much. And it was wonderful.


  1. You look adorable in the baseball tee, Kelly! Comfy outfits are great for relaxing weekends :)

    The Tiny Heart
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  2. I love baseball tee's! I'm still bummed I didn't get that oversized one at F21 in DC... oh well! My weekend wasn't that exciting either, I got a sunburn and almost melted away in this hea, haha! x

  3. Love the baseball tee! I also ignored my usual no-text preference for a baseball tee I picked up from H&M. Too good to pass up :)

    Life etc

  4. I almost bought those shoes (I think they were at a thrift store) but couldn't pull them off as well as you. You do weekend wear justice, so cute!

  5. Favorite. Outfit. EVER. I know I've said this before, but this is my favorite favorite.


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