Fall Favourites

Though I'm not entirely ready for fall, I gotta admit, there are a few things that I'm looking to add to my wardrobe this coming season.  Though I probably don't have enough money for all this stuff, some might be appearing in my wardrobe soon ... We'll just have to see!

1. Blouse: Dynamite
2. 3/4 sleeve blazer: Forever 21
3. Chunky sweater: American Eagle
4. Pleated Skirt: Ruche
5. Boots: Spring
6. Twill flared pants: Dynamite

The colour pallet here is different for me. Camel has never been big in my wardrobe, but here are some pants and a skirt that I love! And this blue? Last time I had anything this colour was back in grade 4 when I had neon blue flared pants. Come to think of it, those would maybe probably be fashionable today if they still fit!

I also love the juxtaposition of some of these items, like the combat style boots and the pleated skirt. I think having such opposite pieces keeps the wardrobe a little more interesting.

What trends/favourites are on your list for fall??


  1. Great picks for fall! I especially love the first blouse you chose! The color is gorg!


  2. Great pics! That blouse is gorgeous! I actually just got that ruche skirt in the mail. I had a midi skirt in my wish list all summer long! This one is very pretty!

  3. I love the pants and the chunky sweater. The skirt is sooooo pretty. If you buy those, send some to me, will ya?

  4. I love the colors!! I just bought a camel blazer and a sweater. Its such a great color! I cant believe I havent worn it before!!

    Love the blog! I just started following!!


  5. I really like the combat boots!

  6. Love your picks!

    Definitely adding to my list (which just keeps growing and growing for fall).


  7. I just found your blog, it's very nice really I love it!
    Check out mine I'd love your opinion!!


  8. Excuse me why I dry up the droll that just spilled onto my desk...LOVE! I am so excited for fall!!


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