This was a hard post to create.

I'm back at my parent's place and I forgot my laptop. The computer we have here at home is terrible; it doesn't let me comment on blogs properly, and it doesn't even have a working SD drive. So I can't use it to upload photos. I asked to borrow my brother's laptop, which DOES have a working SD drive, but no photo editing software. I'm lucky Paint can re-size and crop...

Shirt from Costa Blanca; Jeans from F21; Shoes from Globo

Another one of those simple days, but I think this is one of my favourite outfits for summer. The top is so light and breezy, while the cuffed jeans let some air at my ankles. It seriously makes a big difference! I haven't worn these shoes enough either. Last post I wore them, some thought they were wedges. I think I would prefer if they were; however, they're just heels. Still fun anyways, I love the detail in the straps!

This is another totally affordable outfit. I scored this short during a closing sale for $10. The jeans? Another $12.50. Forever 21 denim is so cheap, and sometimes you score big. Like I did with these. I went minimal on the jewellery because I love the detailing on the neck of the shirt too much to take away from it.  I've got a couple of bracelets on, but you'll have to take my word for it because they're on the arm that I managed to hide in every single photo. How did I do that?! Anyways...

Today I'm heading out to pick up the bridesmaids and wedding dresses for my friend's wedding! It's crazy how close it's getting, and I can't believe she's getting married! I still feel like it's only something grown-ups do, but then I remember that we are kind of grown ups. When did that happen?


  1. Loving the casual look - perfect airy top for the summer weather! The cropped up jeans and brown heels goes great together!

  2. Eeek that whole outfit was a steal! It looks so bright, airy and cool. Very feminine too. Loving it xo


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