Who likes short (red) shorts?

Me! These shorts are wicked awesome. Although I wish they were a little longer, they still get my stamp of approval for being such a great colour.

Shirt and belt from Old Navy, Shorts, Sunglasses and Wedges from F21

This shirt has become a favourite in my closet. It's so unbelievably comfortable and breezy, even in super hot weather! I wore this outfit to my little bro's soccer tournament last weekend. They made it to the semi-finals, but lost against a crazy-good team :( Oh well, it was fun to watch! It definitely makes me wish that I still played soccer... Maybe next summer I'll need to find a league.

This weekend I've got a whole long list of things to do! On Saturday I've got my best friend's bachelorette party that I helped organize, and on Sunday it's her bridal shower. Jam-packed weekend, I tell ya. The next week? I'm finally on vacation!!!


  1. Yay for vacations and yay for red shorts! I think they look great, especially with the half tucked gingham top and wedge sandals! Enjoy your weekend!

  2. I love the little red shorts! and I have an uncountable amount of these shirts. :) They go with everything! This summer I really got into wearing them with high waisted shorts and making the top into a crop by tying the ends. Love the outfit though :)


  3. I love those shorts! And the gingham button down--best thing ever! I just bought one myself and it looks so good with almost any bottom, and they really are so cool and comfortable, while still looking awesome!


  4. Those red shorts are VERY cute, and definitely accentuate your legs!!! :D

  5. I do love that shirt. the perfect shade of blue and love it paired with the red shorts!


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