Apparently I was a little confused

My last post went up on Tuesday, although I definitely thought it was Wednesday. Talk about major confusion, I didn't even clue into the mistake until the next morning! And nobody even said a thing... But today is Thursday. That's right, Thursday. And I double checked just to make sure I was right. Although, I would much rather it be Friday... Wouldn't you?

Cardigan from Joe Fresh; Shirt from F21; Jeans from American Eagle; Shoes from Aldo

We went to the movies the other day, which inspired the outfit choice.  It's always so cold in the theatre, and I prepared well with these jeans and this cardigan. It kept me warm the entire way through Horrible Bosses. Great movie, by the way. I thought it was absolutely hilarious!

I haven't got much to say really, so I'll leave it at this.  Hope everyone's had a great day, and have a great weekend! And welcome to the new followers :) I love all of your sweet comments, they truly make my day. Honest :)


  1. Theatres are always freezing, no matter what season it is.
    The outfit looks very polished. I've been having a thing for button downs lately :)

  2. Cute and comfy outfit :) Have a great weekend!

    classy & fabulous


  3. How adorable are those shoes!

    Good thinking on the cardi - it's always freezing at the movies.


  4. Don't worry, we all get a little confused sometimes. :) You look like you're really having fun taking these pictures! =P

  5. each outfit recently has had stripes..... I LOVE IT! your are super cute.



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