Confetti shirt

The pattern on this shirt reminds me of confetti..

Shirt and Pants from Dynamite; Shoes from F21; Purse was thrifted

I don't have any other printed shirts, so this is a unique piece for my wardrobe.  It's pretty summery, but I think I can get some great wear from it into the fall with a blazer or cardigan. Best part? It was $12 on clearance! Yay!!!

As I've mentioned, this week is my "vacation". I plan to spend time at home with family, and then I'll be travelling to a nearby city to visit the boyfriend's family. I'll be sure to take photos on our mini-trip so that I can share them with you guys! I'm sure there will be quite a few. :) Hope everyone was safe an okay for the hurricane. It's coming up to Ottawa today and all we're getting is a little bit of rain. Good thing.


  1. Great outfit, I love skinny jeans and blouses, it's the perfect uniform. Such a cute little bag too.

  2. Love the outfit. Simple, sophisticated and put-together without overdoing it. That top is great with the collar and the pants are perfect! And the wedge gives it that extra. Woo.

  3. You look so NY city girl in this outfit! So bold and fashionable! I love it.

    ps. Thanks for your sweet comment. It really encouraged me and made my day.

  4. I love the different lengths of the shirt! When I first saw your shirt, I almost thought it was an animal =P Looks like it will be a great transition piece for the fall! :D


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