Wednesday's Work Style: Rompers to Work

I haven't worn my rompers enough this year!  I can't wear most of them to work, except this one. Dressed down, with a cardigan and minimal accessories, it's great for the office. 

Romper and Belt from F21; Cardigan from Gap; Shoes from Globo

I'm on vacation this week, but I've still got a some work-wear outfits that I'd like to post. There will definitely be one next week as well :)

My boyfriend hasn't been taking my photos for a really long time, because our schedules totally changed towards the end of the summer. I've had to prop my camera on ledges, dumpsters, and window sills to take photos. Needless to say, I don't always get the best angle. Eventually I'd like to get a tripod, but I'd also like to get a better camera (every post reminds me of this fact).

Hope you are all enjoying your week, and happy hump day!


  1. I think your pictures have been just fine. I would, however, agree on the tripod. I would never be able to function without mine. I love your romper. They are so fun. I sympathize with you, however, on your bathroom trips in this great little number. The belting and the cardigan taking off and the one piece thing . . . I never drink water when I wear my romper.

  2. I agree.. I think your pictures are good. But I feel you on not having a tripod, I usually put my camera on top of an Aldo shoe box that goes on the hood of the car. lol

    I know I've told you before, but I really love those shoes! Great outfit all together!

  3. Oh wow this looks so perfect for the the way you styled it. You're beautiful!


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