Wednesday's Work Style

Work-wear colour-blocking. Not too much craziness for the office, but just enough to be a little fun :)

Sweater and necklace from F21; Shirt from Dynamite; Skirt from Ricki's; Shoes from Spring

I must admit, this outfit would have been 10x better if I had a nice yellow bag... But I don't. Unfortunately. Maybe that's my cue to hit up my DIY Pinterest board and try and recreate one of the few clutch DIYs I've got pinned. I would love to make a yellow leather clutch, just like this one, but the only problem is I don't want to spend too much. Boo money. Where the heck do I find yellow leather anyway?

Today isn't sure if it wants to rain or shine. As I look out my window, half the sky is white and blue, and the other half is grey and ominous. Make up your mind, please. I hate these in-between days. Oh, and talk about cold front! We went from feeling temperatures in the 30's (Celsius) for the last month and a half, to 22 today. I had a cardigan on, and the wind was going right through it! Let's make this clear, I am NOT ready for fall yet. The summer sun is just too great to give up.

You know... I wouldn't mind if fall and winter didn't come at all... maybe we can be summer right up until spring :)


  1. Go colour blocker go!

    Love the colours here.

    Lots of love from Sydney,

    x Kel

    talking closet camaraderie

  2. I got my yellow bag for pretty cheap at Claire's.

    I love your color blocking. You're right, just enough to be fun. ;-)

  3. I see you' ve tried the green on blue blocking too! It's sooo fun isn't it?! I love this look even without the yellow purse.

  4. Love the colors! The outfit is pretty fab even with the black bag.

  5. Love this Kelly! I've been wanting to make a color block clutch like that but haven't found colored leather..

  6. lovely pencil skirt!

    xo jeanette

  7. I like your idea - fall and winter REALLY don't have to come. Summer is all we really need :)

    So glad to come across another Canadian blogger!

    PS. Even without the yellow bag - you look fab!

  8. What a simple way to color block! :D It looks great! I definitely could see it with a yellow clutch! Hopefully you get to make one soon and debut it! I'd love to see it! :D


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