EBEW: Mixed Patterns!

I'm a day early, but I'll be linking this post up with EBEW tomorrow for their Mixed Patterns challenge! I can't say I've ever mixed any patterns, but I felt great in this outfit all day! I would have to say that this challenge has opened my eyes to this mixing thing, and maybe I'll be doing it more often ;)

Shirt from Old Navy; Skirt from Dynamite; Sandals from F21; Belt from Costa Blanca

At first I had a different idea for mixing patterns, but the weather was wayyy too hot to wear the outfit I had intended. I guess I'll have to save it for a cooler, fall day. Instead, this wonderfully breezy shirt came to the rescue :) I've been missing my button-up shirts in this heat wave!

Like the wood pile? I was back at my parent's place this weekend. I love being there, it's so relaxing and such a nice change of pace from the city. I can actually sleep with my window open and there aren't any cars driving past! It's incredible how many little things I realize that I miss when I'm away from home...

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  1. I like!! I've never mixed prints, I never really know what to put together but I think I'm going to go home and try it out!

  2. Love your outfit!! The mixed prints look amazing on you!


  3. love the combo of checkers and stripes!
    I'm so jealous of your province and the heat, the Maritimes are just down right dreary!

  4. This was a fun challenge, Love the mixing!! :)

    robyn of boluxe.wordpress.com

  5. This was such a fun challenge! Very cute and I love the shoes!

  6. Good job with the pattern mixing! I wanted to participate, but I couldn't find two patterns I wanted to mix together :( Oh well! I love your outfit!

  7. So freaking cute--both tailored and relaxed, which is a hard combo. Love the little braided belt, too! So glad I found you through EBEW--stop by and say hi on my side if you have a sec!

  8. I like this! It's not complicated and you kept it to a minimum so it perfectly works well!


  9. The mixing thing has been big recently. Well done for mixing it up. Xxxx

  10. Gorgeous! I love your skirt ♥


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