When it's obvious you own a cheap camera

You get a glare on all of the white articles of clothing that you try to photograph. Woohoo. You might need sunglasses for this post, because I'm not sure how to photoshop the intense reflection of light (please, if you know, take pity on me and tell me how!):

Shirt from F21; Jeans from Gap; Shoes from Urban Behaviour

Some awesome things about this look:
a) The shoes that I'm wearing, and unfortunately that you cannot see, were only $5. Yay!! They remind me of a pair of wooden clog heels that my grandma used to own. My cousin and I used to play dress up in them all the time.  I gotta admit, that's the main reason why I bought them.

b) Yay for fishtail braids!Finally I decided to try it out, and I can actually do it! It's unfortunate I've got some really short layers, so they tend to fall out, even when I pull it tightly :( But oh well, it's fun for the half-hour that it lasts.

c) These jeans. Are awesome. Period.

Today I'm out with the girls looking for bridesmaid shoes. We were intending to buy "nude" or "bone" shades, but summer fashion has come and gone, and has taken the nude shoes with it.  All we're left with is this camel colour, which isn't really what we wanted. Wish us luck!!!


  1. The jeans. Are indeed. AWESOME. :)

  2. I agree, these jeans are awesome. I own the exact same ones and I love them!


  3. Good luck on the nude pump hunt! Try Kohl's. That's where I got mine and maybe they're on clearance now!

    I love these jeans. Pictures be damned, you look great. Also, I love me a good clog. Especially when they are $5!

  4. the jeans are SERIOUSLY GORGEOUS. and fishtail braids are definitely the best :)


  5. Your jeans are ah-maz-ing, and so is your fishtail braid! I have so many layers it would never work on me!


  6. I know how you feel about the camera situation. I am currently in the market to upgrade my point and shoot to a DSLR. I don't have as many problems with white when photographing with my camera. My #1 issue is fuzzyness when I photograph indoors...that is when the exposure gets too dark or the outline of the edges get fuzzy. I like the jeans, the shirt is nice, it's just the camera. hope you girls found the bridesmaids shoes...

  7. Are you able to adjust the white balance or ISO settings? Maybe try using a lower ISO to make it less sensitive to the light. My camera has an "outdoor-sun" setting for white balance, and sometimes that helps with glare. Not always. If you figure something out, let me know! I have the same problem a lot of times.

  8. I think I meant to say "higher ISO." That increases the shutter speed, I think. I'm not very savvy on how cameras work :(

  9. love your jeans and your braid, and esp. your half-tucked look! :-)

  10. Loving it. Fishtail braids are awesome. Those jeans are perfect on you. And I love the shout outs and "Gerri Spice Shoes" memories<3


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