Out for Breakfast

Yesterday my boyfriend and I went to Dunn's for their breakfast special, and I definitely took it easy with my outfit.  This is my first time wearing some of my favourite things since the challenge began, and boy did I miss these jeans...

They're from American Eagle and fit me like a dream. They are my favourite pair of jeans that I own.

Jacket from F21; Jeans from American Eagle; Purse from Ebay (no brand); shirt from H&M

I am so excited to finally wear my converse. I had a pair many years ago, and wore them out completely. Last year I decided to buy another pair, and it's one of the best shoe purchases I have ever made. I love them.

Sorry I don't have a great outfit photo today. It was chilly out and even unbuttoning my jacket gave me super chills.  I'm a baby, sorry.


  1. I'm a huge lover of sneakers! But I hove got them. Hah, paradox.
    Love your casual outfit!

  2. I love the sneakers too! And yay for comfy jeans days : )

  3. gotta love jeans and sneakers. theres those days where its gotta happen! :) cute outfit.

  4. Nothing like a great pair of jeans! And sneakers!

    Xo, Katie
    Running on Happiness

  5. I love converse, they're like the only pair of sneakers I buy and I always wear them out til I just can't anymore. lol

    That is a really cute jacket too!

  6. love your jacket and bag!! great outfit <3

  7. I just love it when you wear your sneakers!! Hope there will be more. ;-)


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