Sunday's Affordable Outfit

So if you know me at all, I rarely buy anything full price. And if I do, there has to be a good reason.  Usually the reason ends up being that it was already a great price.

Check out this trench.  Forever21 clearance last year - $15. It's got an asymmetrical button closure, and such cute polka-dotted lining (that you can't see here, sorry)!

My shirt and jeans both came from Forever21 as well. They were regular price at $14.50 and $12.50.

The boots were another clearance from Spring for only $20 over a year ago.  The scarf? I can't remember, but I've never spent more than $10 on a scarf before.

My total outfit cost? Approx. $65 (including boots & jacket).

I need to start visiting more thrift stores. Everyone seems to find such great pieces for such great prices. I don't know of any around me, other than Value Village. And last time I went there, I couldn't find anything :(  Maybe I need thrifting lessons?

Do you have any "steals" in your closet that you're in love with?


  1. Cute trench Kelly! I love getting belts and clutches from thrift stores.

  2. great bargains, & you look so put together and fab. ;) my AT skirt was 75% steal. i was so proud of my purchase, lol!


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