Sundown, ya better take care.

I almost ran out of time to take outfit photos yesterday. I was running off to another group meeting after hitting up the gym. I've worked out twice in 1 week! This is a HUGE step for me... I swear...

Shirt from Strawberry; Jacket from Dynamite; Leggings from Garage; Converse shoes; Purse from F21

I really liked this outfit actually. I felt pretty good in it. You know those outfits where you feel like you stand out, but in a good way? Or you're on top of the world and no one can knock you down? Yeah, that's powerful stuff. I know. But I hope at least someone here understands what I'm talking about...


  1. Very cool look and it's awesome that you feel "good" in it to boot - love those looks! And congrats on keeping to your work out plan :)

  2. i know exactly what you're talking about - LOVE those kinds of outfits! you look adorable and i worked out twice this week too and feelin' pretty good about it!!


  3. Love converse shoes!! They are so comfy!

    Monique xx

  4. LOVE the bag! :D
    I'm following you, follow back? :) x


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