Featuring my DIY Distressed Jeans

As promised, today I'm showing you all my DIY distressed jeans. They turned out exactly how I wanted, which was surprising since it was my very first time doing this. Except the hole in the right knee keeps getting bigger...hmm, not sure how to stop that from happening. Any ideas?

Shirt from Old Navy; Jeans from American Eagle (DIY); Belt from Joe; Purse was gifted; Flats from Smart Set; Sunglasses from F21

Today boyfriend wanted to take a break from studying, so we decided to take a walk around our city.  I'm posing on the steps of some random arts building that I can't remember the name of... It was a nice day earlier, but as soon as the clouds moved in, the temperature dropped 5 degrees and this shirt was no longer enough.  Right after these photos I stole boyfriend's sweater. The weather was much more bearable after putting that on :)

And.... I'm done finals for the semester!! Woohoo! Bring on the summer job :)


  1. I LOVE IT! The jeans look sooo good, and I love your outfit too! I'm definitely gonna give it a try once I have some spare time. And yay for being done with finals! So jealous!

  2. I like how they turned out - and much more how you wear them <3

  3. They look good!! I'm going to have to try this! Love those flats & the purse!

    Yayyy for being done with the semester.. I am too!! But only for a week cause I'm taking summer classes too : /

  4. See, I don't understand why people sell distressed jeans when you can just do it at home and place the rips however you want. :) This turned out good! Congrats on being done with finals!

  5. graet job kelly...they turned out great. :)

  6. I love those jeans! I'm looking for some of a similar style. Good job self distressing! Congrats on being done with finals, that must be a great feeling!

  7. i LOVE this! Your jeans turned out great!

  8. Good luck with your finals Kelly!!

    I just bought some shoes just like that!! :)

    Monique xx


  9. love the jeans! I plan on doing the same to an old pair of jeans as well!

    check out my blog too :)



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