In between the storms.

We woke up in the middle of the night to the loudest thunder-storm known to man. The lightening was so bright that we decided to watch it instead of sleep.  It was pretty incredible.  Eventually sleep took over and we woke up to sun.

Within hours, the sky went grey again. We decided to take some outfit pictures before this afternoon's storm arrives.

Sweater and shirt from Costa Blanca; Shiny leggings from Dynamite; Shoes from Spring; Necklace from Smart Set; Belt from Mom's old clothes; Bracelets from various places...

I'm spending a comfy day inside studying. If anything, I'm glad it's gloomy out. I don't feel like I'm wasting my day indoors!

Anyways, I should stop procrastinating and actually go study now. I'll be back soon.


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  2. Interestingly, we had the exact same weather here where I live. :)
    I love the shoes!! And the necklace! Actually I like your whole blog and am following it! Keep up the great work -

    Sweety Jeans


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