Summer's Work-Wear Wish List

After my last post, and all of your lovely comments, I got thinking about building my summer wardrobe!  My last office job was during the winter months, so most of my 'work' clothing is really out of season...  I'll need to update my work-wear soon, and these are some things I would love to pick up for the summer.

All of these picks are from Smart Set (for no particular reason, they're just pretty), and are reasonably priced.  I especially love the dress, but the only thing I can see being an issue is the length. What do you think?

I'm loving the neutral and light colours as well. I think they're perfect to welcome the summer months. I want to run out to Smart Set now and pick some of these up...I do have time before they close.


  1. ooo i love this post. just got my first FT office job and i never know what to wear! lol


  2. Very cute picks! I love the blazer and the dress.

  3. These are great, they all seem so versatile. I love the white blazer jacket.


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