Talula pants, mitts (via Aritzia); Columbia fleece; Flurries boots

Basically I should be allowed to wear this fleece sweater to work. It doesn't look like this cold snap is ending anytime soon and I'm desperate.

My little Charlie decided to lend me a visit while I took some shots. He was so excited to sit beside me and be the star. What a cutie.

Everyone excited for the weekend tomorrow? 


  1. You and Charlie look so cute! I am wearing as many layers as I can to work to keep warm. Happy Friday!

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  2. You should be wearing many more layers. It's so cold! But I love the pink on you.

  3. So cute!! You look awesome. Way to rep the snow!

  4. You look like you're in a snowboarding magazine editorial! You're rocking that hat and fleece.

  5. Ok pink is such a great colour on you, I don't think I've ever seen you wear it. You're so pretty and Mr. Charlie is a cutie pie!


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