My cousins and I drove to Syracuse a couple weekends ago. On the way down we took some roadtrip selfies, stopped at a Dunkin' Donuts (it's got nothing on Tim Hortons, no offence Dunkin'.), and enjoyed some American drinks. We used to have Mello Yellow, but haven't since I was a kid. It's funny how little things can be so different 2 hours away from me. Then we shopped for the day and ate dinner at Dino BBQ. I got the plate with the "smaller portions" and I still didn't finish it. So much meat oh my godddd. Pulled pork, brisket, ribs - where do you even start? The pulled pork was my favourite, but those mashed potatoes were heavenly and the mac'n'cheese was pretty darn good too.

As for shopping goes, we all bought a bunch of stuff. I suck and didn't get many pictures, but I'm sure you'll see some of the stuff coming up in outfit photos over the next little while. I bought a couple pairs of real suede Nine West flats, a new pair of Nike runners, some workout gear, a Columbia fleece pull-over, and my babies, these RayBan aviator sunnies.
They were my favourite deal. Reg $150. And I paid $80. #winning

Until next time, Syracuse.


  1. I am from Syracuse and my mother in law loves to go to the outlet next time I visit I may need to hit up the outlets. Where is there a Ray Ban outlet? I have been looking to score some nice sunglasses for a while.

  2. That food looks so good!! Even at 8:00 in the morning! lol You got such a good deal on those sunglasses.

  3. Hehehe. This was so much fun holy moly! Can't wait for our New York trip in 2015. Also.. Why do I look like I have a moustache? :D

  4. Way to go before the CAD went into free-fall this week! And way to score deals on athletic gear - that s*$% can be expensive!


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